Our mission is to revolutionize mental healthcare by integrating breakthrough
treatments to increase cure rates and decrease patient costs

A passion to do good

Emergence was born out of a passion to do good – to synergize the most revolutionary breakthroughs to be more effective than any treatment approach to date. To heal the nation en masse at a lower cost than the older less effective treatments. Without a solution, our country and our world is going under – drowning. Emergence is now at hand.


 The FDA has approved it in nasal delivery form as a treatment for depression. Thousands of doctors legally use it as an off-label drug to treat many other mental diseases as well as chronic pain.



While effective for various mental health disorders, most TMS research has focused on depression. 


Various clinical trials and case studies show SGB can treat psychiatric disorders involving dysregulation of the sympathetic nervous system.


Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof developed the holotropic breathwork technique to simulate a psychedelic effect in the brain.


At many of our locations, we invite all our patients to participate in group therapy integration sessions that provide four benefits. It helps integrate the deep realizations and breakthroughs achieved in our treatments.

Our Processes

Mental disorders generally relate to beliefs that get hardwired into loops in the brain. For example, someone may have internalized beliefs in their subconscious that stem from mental abuse as a child or beliefs of danger associated with witnessing a traumatic event. When these thoughts are long-term, they can form feedback loops that damage the physical structure of nerves and how they are interconnected in the brain. 

With this interaction between states of thought and physical brain structure in mind, we developed synergistic treatment options around modalities shown in clinical studies to be highly effective for depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain management, anxiety, sleep disorders, panic attacks, OCD, eating disorders and addiction. A combination of two or more of our four primary treatments (ketamine, TMS, SGB, and holotropic breathwork) work synergistically to increase overall healing power.

However, even individually, these treatments work profoundly well. As the brain physically heals, it is important to use talk therapy to integrate the new breakthroughs in beliefs. So, we offer free group therapy integration to all our patients, which significantly magnifies overall effectiveness in most cases.

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