In 1985, the World Health Organization placed ketamine on their Essential Medicines List. It has a high level of safety and has been used for decades as an anesthetic.

The FDA has approved it in nasal delivery form as a treatment for depression. Thousands of doctors legally use it as an off-label drug to treat many other mental diseases as well as chronic pain.



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A Review of Nonanesthetic Uses of Ketamine

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Repurposing Ketamine in Depression and Related Disorders: Can This Enigmatic Drug Achieve Success?

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Ketamine is revolutionizing antidepressant research, but we still don’t know how it works

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A randomized, double-blind, active placebo-controlled study of efficacy, safety, and durability of repeated vs single subanesthetic ketamine for treatment-resistant depression

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A qualitative study of patients’ experience of ketamine treatment for depression: The ‘Ketamine and me’ project

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Ketamine for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders: comprehensive systematic review

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“The mind-altering drug has been shown to help people suffering from anxiety and depression. But how it helps, who it will serve, and who will profit are open questions.”

Emily Witt
The New Yorker